The Company Mantzana Transport SA is a modern and reliable solution in the transportation field. The company is able to offer high quality services based on the experience and expertise of its human resources and modern equipment. Our goal is to meet the particular requirements of each transfer, covering your needs throughout the process, from our first contact until the completion of delivery to your place. With experienced and qualified staff, modern equipment and techniques, safety and consistency, all you have to do is contact us.

It is one of the few companies in the industry that is ISO 9001: 2008.This certificate reflects the total commitment of Mantzanα Transport SA to continuously provide high-level services.

Today Mantzana Transport SA has impressive clientele firmly opts for: cargo transport, deliveries, collections, parcel couriers, cash on delivery

Mantzana Transport SA understand that the move is not always an easy task. Many times when you think of the move you are not sure when or even how or in what way, if you need help, what assistance, if you need more storage space because they will move into a smaller space and generally it includes a removal.

To select a transport company is a difficult decision. "They will come on time? They are reliable? I will have a very good price coupled with excellent service? "

The Mantzana Transport SA considers its duty to transport your belongings as if they are her own. We give utmost importance to "move" your life with us and not just stack boxes, we will help you to build your new home.

Our company has successfully established itself in the transport sector in Greece, offering every kind of transport services at the highest level.

Guarantee is our long experience because of our cooperation with large companies that have trusted us for safe and effective work in the transport-removals sector. We have a modern fleet of trucks to transport-movement all objects.

List of Services

• Full Moving household goods (Provision of Packaging Materials)

• Moving Removals simply hiring our vehicle and driver.

• Moving commercial properties

• Student Moving

• Storage Services

We provide excellent storage services where you want to save the whole or part of your household. As part of your process provide packaging materials and dismantle of course if you wish assemble any part of your household need.

Organize and coordinate in detail your own moving - transfer to your own needs, but the contribution of our own experience.

We do free design and costing, and following consultation closing date in your country if required.

Our experienced and permanent staff will help you convert your move on an outing together will relieve you from any kind of difficulty with professionalism and loyalty.

Commodity Security - Removals

We fulfill every wish as regards the transport of agapimenon- your special items with utmost care and safety. Glassware, musical instruments, artwork, delicate and fragile items are packed with great security and care. I consider myself that every family has its own way of assessment for existing and we fully respect it. For this reason there is insurance of goods-household goods carried by large insurance company.

The steps of Moving

We help you to convert moving from difficulty in a very simple enough to trust us:

1.       Contact us through our contact form by filling in the cost calculation form or by telephone to arrange an appointment for a free estimate of Relocation on your site if required.

2. Define meeting time in your room to estimate costs resulting from:

-The Needs Assessment package

-the Amount and type of items they will need loosening and binding (furniture, lamps,)

-the Need or not hoist use

3. The experienced crew-staff Manzana Transmission SA comes in your room with closed type trucks to start moving in complete safety.

4. We deliver your belongings to your new place now with great care and responsibility. Place all things (furniture and boxes) where you wish. Connect furniture beds if desired

We believe that the most important factor for success is people. The biggest challenge for the management of a company is to have the right information, understanding and acceptance of what should be done and how it should happen.

We have earned the loyalty of our associates. So everyone has to work optimally and maintain what has been agreed, while promoting the development and improvement of the overall project, being prepared to enlist an additional effort, whenever the occasion demands.

All feel responsible for the successes and failures of the company and thus perceive everything as a challenge.

The whole market is based on the logic of long-term interest-bearing credit, with the help of advertising, marketing psychology, digital technology and IT.The transactions 'cash' now suggest commercial operations of small and medium enterprises and for goods rather small value

The purpose of our company is transportation, temporary storage, storing certain kinds of goods with transport own and third, using any means of transport: land, sea or air.

Our philosophy is the right service for our partners by putting into the background the economic benefit in the short term costs. Although the values in our work have seen, there is an ongoing and continuous effort to improve our services. This allows us to be highly competitive in the market maintaining a leading position.

Our basic principle is that the goods must arrive at their destination in any way and cost, within the specified time, so that the customer remains satisfied

We are the only ones that specialize exclusively in this area. The philosophy and our principles, combined with the large range of the distribution network to dealers allows us to "collect" in the routing process. So we can provide very attractive offers for customers, while our experience in parts distribution space allows us to guarantee the quality of our services

It takes several years to fully form the distribution network of a company and not easily changed. It represents a set of practices on which is built a comprehensive set of long-term relationships among its members.

Therefore, when developing the distribution system, the choice of partners affects not only how customers approach and promotion of a company's sales, and the total cost of the circuit.

The need for flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements has resulted in the diversification of the distribution channel, depending on each case

A well structured distribution network to better service can be a major competitive advantage over its competitors to such an extent as would happen with a very good product, a good advertisement or a very good pricing.

It is a fact that the competitive conditions of the current decade a well organized distribution network is the main reason why a market will buy services from this network which is quite difficult to copy than the competition in every detail.

Our experience in the distribution of space allows us to guarantee the quality of our services.

In most of our colleagues and we all reverse distribution of their work (recall - waste products).

The vision of  Management Company Mantzana Transport SA is the consolidation of a company whose name would become synonymous with high quality services in the storage and transport of goods, while being a model for the Greek data in the field.

The Company applies a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 concerning:

• Warehousing and Transportation of Goods

• Distribution Services Package Courier

Our strategy consists:

• satisfaction of customer requirements

• the optimum storage and preservation of products

• trying to run freight impeccable

• minimize accidents during the implementation of the work

• the commitment to provide all necessary resources for compliance and

• continuous improvement of the Quality System according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Applying our strategy we are committed to following Goals

  • constant increase of the degree of customer satisfaction
  •  improve productivity
  •  reduce costs
  •  reduction in complaints of our customers
  •  continuous training of workers
  •  continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System procedures